The Goal Digger Podcast - Marketing, Social Media, Creative Entrepreneurship, Small Business Strategy and Branding

Jenna Kutcher hosts the live-workshop style business podcast for creative girl bosses, so you can train from the experts how to dig in, do the work, and tackle your biggest goals along the way. Jenna interviews industry leaders on topics including: social media strategy, launching your next big idea, online marketing made easy, where to invest in your business, and how to grow your dreams into a profitable, sustainable, authentic business. The Goal Digger Podcast includes inspired conversations with: Katelyn James, Natalie Franke of The Rising Tide Society, Melyssa Griffin, Jess Lively, Nikki Elledge Brown, Lara Casey, Desiree Hartsock and more...
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The Goal Digger Podcast - Marketing, Social Media, Creative Entrepreneurship, Small Business Strategy and Branding


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Jun 28, 2017

Today I’m sharing some of the struggles we have recently been walking through with our second miscarriage. I’m just really opening up our story in the hope that it will help other women feel less alone and to really just remove the veil and taboo that follows the world, “miscarriage.”

Jun 26, 2017

Today I’m hanging out with Kayla from Healing Waters, an organization that I am crazy-passionate about and I’m so excited to share her journey in the non-profit sector. Healing Waters International is a not-for-profit mission helping many countries get clean drinking water for communities that do not have that essential life source, and in the process changes the lives of everyone they work with.

Jun 21, 2017

Today I’m going to talk about why you need to actually build a brand and not just a business. I’m so excited to deep dive in and share something that I’ve been studying a lot lately and have put into practice in my own business so that has worked extraordinarily well!

Jun 19, 2017

Today I’m introducing you to a very special woman who serves my team, Kerry Swetmon. Kerry runs my Facebook ads every single month and helps me with my overall strategy. I am so excited to talk about the world of Facebook ads in this episode because it’s been an integral part of growing my business, and Kerry is an absolute expert with them! I’m even sharing how much money I’ve spent on Facebook marketing over the last five months and although the number might totally shock you, I can tell you that it’s been absolutely worth it!

Jun 14, 2017

Today I’m going to break down who your ideal client is, what an ideal client is and how you can transform your messaging to make sure that you are actually reaching the people that you are dying to work with. It is time to ensure that every person who signs on the dotted line is the right fit for you so that you can stay fired up, passionate about the work that you’re doing and to keep making the biggest impact possible!

Jun 12, 2017

Today I’m introducing you to the incredible Shanna Skidmore. Shanna is an expert when it comes to helping other entrepreneurs tackle their finances and know their numbers. By doing this, even the biggest goals seem achievable through defining what is “enough.” I’m excited for this one because I think it’s something people shy away from. As a numbers addict, I am one person who can tell you that knowing your numbers will provide both clarity and confidence, while allowing you to say “Yes” to the right opportunities, and “No” to the things that might not be the perfect fit!

Jun 7, 2017

Today I’m going to share how to know where to invest in your business, because as entrepreneurs and dreamers we’re being pulled in millions of different directions! We’re told that we need all of these specific things in order to find success, so knowing what to do can be so confusing. That’s why I’m going to walk you through five different places where I think you’ll get the most bang for your buck and I want to share my own story about how I bootstrapped my way through starting my business - while working a full-time corporate job.

Jun 5, 2017

Today I’m interviewing the incredible Melyssa Griffin, who is an absolute genius when it comes to Pinterest! She’s going to be sharing tips and tricks for using Pinterest to boost traffic to your website and to help you be seen by your ideal clients. We use the techniques she talks about in my business, and it has taken us from ZERO referrals from Pinterest to it being the #1 way people are landing on our webpage. As always, we have a freebie waiting for you at to help you navigate the waters of Pinterest! 


May 31, 2017

Today I’m sharing the best places to market yourself for free, and trust me, as a bargain hunter myself there’s nothing better than seeing value for zero dollars! I’m going to lead you through four different ways to do this and give you the tips, tricks and strategies on how to better use the free tools that are available to your business.

May 29, 2017

Today we get to do something we’ve never done on the podcast – talk to two guests (who just happen to be sisters)! Meet Laura Hooper of Laura Hooper Calligraphy and her sister, and partner-in-crime, Alyssa Law. I’m so excited to talk with them about establishing their different roles in the business, what it’s like to work with family and how they’ve evolved from just starting with calligraphy all the way to offering international workshops and even writing a book!

May 24, 2017

Today I’m going to share 5 ways to boost your engagement on Instagram and I’m going to teach you how to manage the changes that continue to be implemented every day with the app that we so dearly love. I cannot wait to lead you through this mini-training and to encourage you to really focus on your level of engagement so that you can beat the algorithm - once and for all.

May 22, 2017

Today I’m talking to Laura Roeder, the founder of Meet Edgar social media automation software. We’re going to talk all about growing a team, starting a new idea and why automation might be the next step for giving you more freedom as an entrepreneur!

May 17, 2017

Today I’m going to share how to create true community and connection through social media and the way that you’re sharing your life online. I’m really excited to have this conversation start with you and end with ways that you can actually grow your community!

May 15, 2017

Today I am interviewing Ashley LeMieux of The Shine Project and we’re going to talk all about how to create a business with a big impact. If you have a heart for mission or are trying to use your business to better the lives of others, this episode is going to blow your mind!

May 10, 2017

You’re listening to The Goal Digger Podcast, Episode 047. Today I want us to have a conversation that needs to be had, and it’s something that’s likely going to happen to you as you pursue your biggest, your best and most creative work. What do you do when someone else copies you? I want to work through the steps you can take, the options that you have and the ways to learn how to let it go, put your head down and focus on creating your own very best work.

May 8, 2017

You’re listening to The Goal Digger Podcast, Episode 046. Today I am talking about being too legit to quit with Rachel Brenke, The LawTog. We’re going to talk all about the legal aspects of owning a business and why it shouldn’t be the scariest thing on your to-do list.

May 3, 2017

You’re listening to The Goal Digger Podcast, Episode 045. Today’s episode is in honor of my sweet, incredible, spunky Grandma Pat. I want to talk all about how we can choose to leave and write our own legacies, day-in and day-out. I have been so reminded and touched by the power of a legacy and so today it is time to dive into your “Why” and talk about the tough stuff.

May 1, 2017

You’re listening to The Goal Digger Podcast, Episode 044: You might know her from a TV Show called The Bachelorette, but I know her as a dear friend in my life. Today I’m hanging out with Desiree Hartsock, who met her incredible husband Chris on the show and they now have a sweet baby together. We’re going to talk all about navigating being on TV, how to know when you’re being called to do something that might feel uncomfortable and what it is like being a new momma while running your own empire!

Apr 26, 2017

You’re listening to The Goal Digger Podcast, Episode 043. Today I’m talking all about how to navigate relationships as an entrepreneur. I think it’s something a lot of us struggle with, but very few of us actually talk about! Whether we’re talking about our spouse, friends, family or even our community or competition, it is so important that we shed a light on such a serious matter (and have some fun while we do it)!

Apr 24, 2017

You’re listening to The Goal Digger Podcast, Episode 042: Today I am talking with my friend Bonnie Bahktiari, and we’re discussing how to create an unforgettable client experience. I’m also going to be sharing why this doesn’t necessarily need to cost you money! This is an episode that you’re not going to want to miss….

Apr 19, 2017

You’re listening The Goal Digger Podcast Episode 041. Today I’m hanging out with Emily Knots of Crisp Interiors and we’re going to talk all about the collaboration process and how we teamed up for The Kutcher Condo! You can see their handy work at - we would absolutely love to have you stay with us!

Apr 17, 2017

You’re listening to The Goal Digger Podcast, Episode 040. Today I am so honored to be interviewing one of my sweet friends, Katie O. Selvidge, who is the founder of Cottage Hill Magazine. Katie is going to lead us through some of my all-time favorite life-changing exercises that really get us back to the heart of our Why, and ask the tough questions we so often avoid. I truly hope that you take the time to go through these exercises that we do today to really discover what it is that you’re working towards and where you’re headed with your dreams.

Apr 12, 2017

You’re listening to The Goal Digger Podcast, Episode 039. Today I'm going to be sharing the 6 secrets to less work and more life. I truly believe it isn't about working harder, it's about working smarter and I want you to be able to step away from your screen and step back into your life. 

Apr 10, 2017

You’re listening to the Goal Digger Podcast, Episode 038. Today I am so excited to be speaking with Stephanie from Aerie. Aerie is one of my all-time favorite companies and one of the things that I love so much about them is that they don’t re-touch any of their models! In this episode we get to talk about pushing the boundaries in media, how to go against the flow and what the day-to-day looks like as one of the social media managers for Aerie.

Apr 5, 2017

You’re listening to The Goal Digger Podcast, Episode 037. Today I’m super excited to be sharing 10 of the biggest tips that I’ve learned in launching. Whether you’re thinking about launching a new website, brand, product, service, course or offering, whatever that looks like for you, I’m going to dissect it all. Taking these steps will help you ensure your next launch is a giant success!

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