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The Goal Digger Podcast is a live-workshop style business podcast that is helping thousands redefine success and chase bolder dreams. You can train with the experts on how to dig in, do the work, and tackle your biggest goals along the way. Host Jenna Kutcher brings you social media strategies, productivity tips, business hacks, and inspirational stories that can help YOU design your dream business and life. Jenna shares tangible, actionable advice that she used to become a self-made millionaire in photography, online courses, Instagram sponsorships, and navigating the world of being a social media influencer. Along with sharing her best-kept secrets, she interviews the best women in the industry who will share their secrets to ensure you are seen, heard, (and hired!) With 50 million downloads and counting, the Goal Digger Movement is growing every day and now it’s YOUR TURN to hear from the experts, get inspired, and tackle your biggest goals along the way.
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Jun 18, 2018

Before I give you the details on this Wonderwoman, I have to tell her how I met her.

If you hang out on the Goal Digger Instagram you’ll know that we often ask you what YOU, our listeners want to hear... and we really do listen! So many of you wanted to know more about selling products, designs, and creations on Etsy, and… enter Natalie Fugere! Natalie is a faithful Goal Digger, and after seeing all of your Etsy questions on the Instagram post, Natalie reached out and offered to teach us how to make it big on Etsy!

I loved how she presented herself and couldn’t help from swooning while looking at her shop! Natalie started an Etsy shop when she was just 18 with a ten dollar bill and a vision. Four years later and her business, The Painted Press, has gained national media attention, supports her and her family, and sits in the top 1% of all Etsy shops! It is her mission to provide an affordable, unique gift giving option and to support her team made up entirely of college and high school students. Beyond the beautiful trinkets, Natalie is a brilliant businesswoman and today she is going to teach you how to make it BIG on Etsy!




Jun 13, 2018

If you’re pleasing everyone you’re probably pleasing no one - including yourself.

Here’s the thing, you are not going to be able to please everyone. These people that take the time to write you a mean message? They aren’t your people. Focus on the ones that are and the fact that everyone is not going to love you or your message is ok. It’s more than ok.

The more I do this, the more eyes I have on me, my life, my body, my business. Putting yourself out there open YOU up for criticism but I have to remind myself that when you’re doing the big, hard word, people will notice and sometimes it won’t be the RIGHT people but when you can sincerely learn to focus on the good, to keep your heart open, and to protect your energy to be poured into the right things, you’ll become more convicted in your message and you’ll be more prepared to fight for what you really believe in.

“You’re fat.”


“Enough with the underwear pics… you’re a smart girl, you have more things to say, unfollowing.”

“Do you know that your eyebrows are way darker than your hair? You should change that.”

“How did YOU land such a good looking guy?”

“10 emails in 3 days? Go F** yourself. Way to f’in annoy potential clients. F’in idiot.”

“You’re way too aggressive, I’m out.”

You might think it’s all rainbows and butterflies over here in Jenna Kutcher land, and it’s true - we have the most supportive, loving and just all around amazing tribe. But. I’ve found where there is a success, ugly things can creep in and try to attack too. I love to say “More followers, more problems” and a lot of times, we’re fighting battles behind our screens that people never see. I want to dedicate this episode to the haters today and share how I handle criticism.

To prove I’m not invincible, I thought I’d read you some emails that have landed in my inbox. These were hard to find because my team does a good job protecting me from them, but here are a few we could dig up: (I’m thankful that we had to actually dig to find these because it’s a testament to the great people we have supporting us!!)

This episode is dedicated to getting you through the harsh feedback, trolling, and haters. This is for business women, for you, for me. Let's do this.




Jun 11, 2018

SURPRISE! Did you know that you can make a profit AND an impact with your business?

The two are not mutually exclusive and today we are talking to the beautiful and brilliant Jess Ekstrom, the founder and CEO of Headbands of Hope, a company she started as a junior in college in 2012. For every headband sold, a headband is given to a child with cancer. The company has been featured on the TODAY Show, Vanity Fair, Seventeen, Good Morning America and People Magazine.

These headbands have been worn and supported by celebrities such as Lauren Conrad, Lea Michele, and so many more! But most importantly, they've donated over 200,000 headbands to every children's hospital in the United States and 15 countries. Jess was named the Women's Health Magazine Ultimate Game Changer in 2017 and also received 'Entrepreneur of the Year' award from Atlantic BT. AND A Huffington Post article named her a "limit breaking female founder".

In this episode, you'll find out that you shouldn't have to choose between making a living and making a difference. She's passionate about helping others find those collision points and live a more purposeful life. Goal Diggers, without further adieu, Jess Ekstrom!





Jun 6, 2018

Ask Jenna Anything with a major twist…. I present to you “Ask Jenna (and Drew!) ANYTHING”. Yup, that’ right. My husband, Drew, and I are about to dig into your questions revolving everything from marriage to personal all the way to business. (I fielded your questions from both the Goal Digger Insiders FB group and the Goal Digger Instagram... if you’re not hanging out there, you’re totally missing out!)

We are fully covering ALL the nitty gritty details of your questions…

If you’re wondering how we balance business and play, what our relationship story is, what it’s REALLY like to marry a #girlboss (and how Drew truly feels about how much I share online), or how our most embarrassing habits! , then this episode is for you.

Let's jump in!




Jun 4, 2018

CALLING ALL INTROVERTS. I get it, social media can seem like it is reserved for the extroverted, the larger than life, the charismatic. But, friends, you belong- ad you can THRIVE, even if you are more quiet and composed than the others.

There are few people who serve their audience as well as this woman, and I can’t wait for her to teach you about what it TRULY means to wholeheartedly serve your followers (even when you are more shy than not).

Morgan Harper Nichols is an artist and designer, who specializes in making work for people and their stories. Her song, “Storyteller” has garnered over 1 million Spotify plays and her self-published book of poetry by the same title is a #1 Amazon Bestseller in Inspirational Poetry. Morgan lives in Los Angeles, and has made her life’s work about creating for the stories of others, through music, words, art, and design.

She started writing for certain people that came to her mind, however, she would rarely share any of it. When a blog post that she wrote for a group of young women she knew was pinned on Pinterest more than 200k times, she began to explore the many ways that a message could spread beyond what she thought could possible, and she has been creating for others full time ever since. Morgan now works as a writer, designer, and travels as a speaker and performer.

Safe to say, this woman does it all, and with such grace and heart-- I can’t wait for her to teach you about fully utilizing social media to expand your brand, stay in your comfort zone, and turn your followers into FANS.

You have so much to learn from this woman, and I can’t wait for you to hear what she has to say. Goal Diggers, welcome Morgan Harper Nichols!





May 30, 2018

Let Me Give It To Ya Straight:

  • Did you know 30% of our brains are taken up by neurons devoted to visual processing as compared to 8% devoted to touch and only 3% devoted to hearing.
  • People have the ability to process visual information 60,000x faster than text information!

  • 63% of social media is made up of images AND photos on Facebook get 53% more likes than the average post.

  • You have 8 seconds to make an impression and get someone’s attention before they click to something else. That’s shorter than the attention span of a goldfish.

Alright, did I get your attention? Long story short: visuals matter. And today I’m going to walk you through ways that you can share stories through the images, fonts, colors, and styles you are sharing online. I get it, we all know that stories matter but maybe we’re struggling with how to share stories through the images we’re trying to make all "Instagram worthy."

This episode is to show you that visuals of your brand go FAR beyond being aesthetically pleasing or "pretty"- they can truly make you brand and personality memorable, professional, ... and most importantly, move your bottom line.

Ready to post with purpose? Thought so!

May 28, 2018

Looking to start a business and have no idea where to start?!

Goal Diggers, today we are chatting to the brains behind an Instagram account that we have ALL probably followed and swooned over at one point or another. Stacy Stahl is the founder and brains behind – the digital destination for all things marriage proposal. With hundreds of thousands of love-obsessed readers and more than a half a million Instagram followers, How He Asked provides a platform for couples to share their engagement stories. As if growing a mega-successful blog and brand isn’t awesome enough, Stacy is a FORCE. The way she talks is captivating and tangible, and today she is walking you through 1) How to start (and monetize!) a blog 2) Where to invest money in your business and 3) How to priotize your next step and day-to-day activities. Today, Stacy is going to tell us the details of growing a huge Instagram following, what it was like starting a business at a young age, and knowing when to move on with your career! This Episode is full of SO MUCH goodness, and I can’t wait for you all to hear from the wonderful Stacy!

(Like, seriously. Grab a notebook and a pen- you're going to need it!)





May 23, 2018

This title says it all— in ONE month I doubled my Instagram growth. And today I am going to tell you the HOW. The methods will surprise you, the outcomes will shock you, and you’ll find out how you can implement this strategy starting TODAY. You ready, goal diggers? It’s time to share my secrets and I’m holding nothing back!




May 21, 2018

It’s the most important relationship of all, yet it’s the one that most of us don’t even think about, let alone spend time and effort on improving it...Know what it is? Yep, you guessed it—our relationship with ourselves. Strengthening your sense of love and respect for yourself is the key to experiencing true fulfillment and living your best life.

Some people think that learning to love yourself is as simple as taking some bubble baths and getting an occasional mani-pedi. But as Our guest, Melissa Ambrosini, will show you today, it goes SO much deeper than that—

Melissa Ambrosini is the bestselling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl and Open Wide, host of the number one podcast The Melissa Ambrosini Show, a speaker and self-love teacher. Melissa teaches women how to unlock their full potential, master their inner Mean Girl, smash through limiting beliefs, and ditch the self-doubt so that they can start living the life of their dreams. Named a 'self-help guru' by Elle Magazine her mission is to inspire women to create a heart-centred life one that’s wildly wealthy, fabulously healthy and bursting with love.

I firmly believe that you need to trust yourself wholeheartedly while chasing your dreams. If you can’t “bet on yourself”, how can you expect others to? However, it is NOT always easy to feel confident, capable, whole…. But Goal Diggers, YOU. ARE. ENOUGH. And today, we’re going to teach you how to harness confidence and live your best life!


May 16, 2018

If I had a dollar for every time I got the question “Where do I find a Caitlyn or Kate or Danielle”, I’d be permanently retired on a beach in Hawaii. Having just taken 6 weeks off while these ladies ran my business for me, I can wholeheartedly say that investing in my team was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and is at the top of my list in terms of priorities again for this year.

After reading all the questions you guys asked in last week's episode "Ask Jenna Anything About Hiring A Team" I thought I would make a tangible, step-by-step guide in what to look for, how to hire, and the logistics of growing a team.

So, today I want to share to those of you thinking about adding to your team this year, how to identify what role would fit your business best, pick the best person and then what you can do to prepare to hand things over for a smooth transition. And before you think this might not be for you and leave me in this episode, let me challenge you to say that even starting small will make a huge impact and I believe anyone in business can benefit from what I’m going to share today.

May 14, 2018

Hey Goal Diggers, today we are diving into a topic that I have never talked about on Goal Digger before…. Balancing both your motherhood and entrepreneurial roles. It’s no secret that these two roles can get chaotic, but there IS a way to do both, and I couldn’t think of anyone better to talk with than Johnna Holmgren of Fox Meets Bear!

 Johnna seems to have the magic secret to balancing ALL THE THINGS.

She is a mother, creative, and author of the cookbook titled, 'Tales from a Forager’s Kitchen’. 
She lives in the woods of Minnesota with her husband and her three girls where they spend as much time as they can outdoors hiking and foraging, cooking and baking, homeschooling and peaceful parenting. (And cleaning up way too many messes from their two dogs, two cats, and a small flock of ducks and chicks!)

It’s safe to say this woman capitalized and evolved both of these roles and intertwined both her motherly side and business side into a really beautiful partnership., and I am so excited to talk to her about how to transition with your career when you have children.

What an episode, what a topic, what a woman. Johnna reminds us that is okay to be fully human-- striving in our careers and also pausing (and melting!) around our children. If I've learned anything in this episode it's that each of our journeys look different, but we just have to tune in to our instincts and do our best, every day.

May 9, 2018

Hey Goal Diggers! Another “Ask Jenna Anything” Episode! I fielded your questions from both the Goal Digger Insiders FB group and the Goal Digger Instagram (if you’re not hanging out there, you’re totally missing out!)

I was absolutely floored by the amount of responses I got from you guys, and I decided to group them by category! I am still letting you call the shots and am fully covering ALL the nitty gritty details.

Many of you know my story-- a burnt out photographer, blogger, businesswoman juggling (and struggling) with all the balls in the air. BUT finally, I reached a breaking point, took a leap, and outsourced one job… then two.. Then hired a full-time member… and another… It’s been a whirlwind, but the BEST decision I’ve ever made, and today we are covering all the behind the scenes magic of how you can hire your own dream team! Let’s get started!


(Is your name mentioned on air?!)

Okay, first things first… so many of you asked! So here is a quick RUN DOWN OF TEAM JK What does your current team like? What are their roles? Are they full-time part time? Is YOUR team in person or all online? Caitlyn, Kate, Danielle, Kerry, Steph, Ashlyn, Rebecca, Alex (?)

Morgan K: Jenna! I need help with the struggle of taking my personal brand to hiring. I own a fitness studio, named as me and had so much growth this year. I wonder how to prepare clients I engage with face to face each day that someone else will soon be in front of them too!

Marie W: What I’m currently needing help with is HOW do you go about hiring your first employee? Where do you look? What do you look for? I really need someone to help manage my day to day tasks but I’m terrified of hiring someone who isn’t a good fit

Meagan J: How do you divide responsibilities during a project? And about communication, I know you communicate via slack, but being that your team members are mostly contractors and set their own schedules, are your communications ever lost in translation when someone isn't logged in?

Another from Megan J (above): How do you set expectations when taking on a new team member?

Megan J (again! Love it!): Do you find it difficult to work remotely with your team at times?

Alyssa C: How do you budget for hourly workers? Are they paid a "set" number of hours per week? I loved your episode on hiring your team, but want to hear more about the hourly worker piece, especially with everyone working remotely.

Rebecca T: What is the best way to hire/create a great brand ambassador?

Molly G: How do you, Jenna Kutcher yourself, make time to reach out and offer guidance to everyone, given the huge volume of photographers and fans you have? How do you keep it personal and meaningful? What keeps you from delegating most of this to your support team?

Melissa (Instagram) Have y'all set up a Trello board or anything like that to communicate deadline, ideas, etc?

Blue salad (on Instagram) : How do you handle management of your company with employees and keeping your brand consistent?

Aida G: Hey Jenna, I would love to know how you handle all the projects that you have going on without being overwhelmed (I know you have people working for you - but, you also need to keep track of what they are doing - right?). I just want to learn how I can juggle different projects in the most efficient way. Thanks for all your amazing content:

Corinna-marie (Instagram) Hi Jenna!! My question is is in regards to your amazing team. How did you find them and what is your advice for someone who wants to be on a team like yours! Where can you find those opportunities and how can you best position yourself as a candidate to become a boss babe's employee?


And, as always, if you have questions for me, I am CONSTANTLY checking our Goal Digger Podcast Insiders FB group and Goal Digger Instagram account to make sure I am answering YOUR questions. I want to see your name in those groups!

May 7, 2018

Goal Diggers, this episode has the potential to completely change your business… Seriously. Our guest today,Christina Scalera, is the legal attorney and founder behind The Contract Shop, a contract template store for creative entrepreneurs, wedding professionals, and coaches... Christina is a creative as well and soon realized that she could blend her two interests (creativity and law) into a business that brought the benefit of her legal training to help her fellow creatives.

It became clear that my fellow creatives needed legal help-- there wasn’t anything or anyone out there to help them. On the one hand, other legal sites provided contract templates that were too generic and disconnected from the pulse of the creative industry. On the other, hiring an attorney is a difficult process-- you don’t know who is good and who isn’t, and even if you found the cheapest attorney out there, hiring someone to draft your business contracts is an expensive endeavour.

And today we are lucky enough to hear everything you need to know about using contracts in your business …. In this episode, Christina will flip the script on what you think you know about contracts and show you how they're a relationship-building and money-making tool.

May 2, 2018

CONTENT CREATION, CONTENT CREATION, CONTENT CREATION! Those 2 words can send chills up a creative entrepreneurs spine. Form blog posts, social media captions, email opt-ins, facebook posts, you name it-- you've got to create it!

BUT If you’ve been around here for awhile, you’ve probably heard me say this - but it’s worth repeating: there is literally no one stalking your business, refreshing your newsfeed or seeing everything you put out into the world the first time. Ok, maybe your mom reads every word - but that’s probably it. Between social media algorithms, busy lives and just an overload of information - I can guarantee most of your audience is missing your great information. Did you know that only 6% of your audience is even seeing what you’re sharing!

Further, we’re hopefully growing our followings and so new audiences are joining your tribe every day - have they seen the great content that you put out and worked hard on? NO.

Let’s not reinvent the wheel and instead, get more mileage out of what already exists rather than feeling the pressure to create something new all of the time. When it comes to content creation, overwhelm probably isn’t too far behind! So today I’m going to walk you through the lifecycle of my content in the hopes that it inspires you (and saves you a boat load of time in the creation process.)

Apr 30, 2018

It’s awkward, it’s confusing, and it’s often discouraging. What am I talking about? GETTING SPONSORSHIPS. Yup, we’re going there. What do you do when you need funding for an event or business venture? Who do you call? What do you even say? Well, For serial entrepreneur Brandice Daniel, “no” is not the end of the negotiations, it’s only the beginning...

Today, as CEO of Harlem’s Fashion Row and co-founder of the Great Girlfriends podcast, Brandice brings that same passion and determination to her businesses as she strives each day to connect people to their own passions and purpose. Brandice has secured over $2 million dollars for events. She has been featured in NY Times, Forbes, Washington Post, Teen Vogue, NY Cut and more.

Harlem Fashion Row has partnered with Verizon, Prudential, Pandora Jewelry, Target, Smartwater, Covergirl, Nissan, Macy’s, and more, and today, Brandice is going to teach us how we can secure sponsorships of our own!

Apr 25, 2018

Alright, Goal Diggers, let’s talk about something that usually is pretty hush-hush in the #girlboss world…. navigating marriage as a powerful business woman. One of the things that makes me laugh (and frankly makes me a little angry) is when I tell people what I do and they immediately follow up their question with a “What does your husband do?” It’s easy to feel like people treat my job like it’s a hobby and that’s partially my fault because I struggle at sharing the scale of my business but when it comes down to relationship roles, I want to share a few of things we’ve learned as my business has grown from non-existent to a 7-figure empire in the span of our marriage.

It can be difficult to be a woman that is striving for more in her career:

  • Goes against traditional gender roles
  • People question your priorities
  • It’s easy to feel like a workaholic compared to peers

Marriage as a #girlboss can look a little different than the storybook we’ve been told, but that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with it! I love the quote, “Be the CEO your parents hoped you would marry!” Ummm, can we get an amen?

In fact, there is so much that can be RIGHT about it… fulfilling relationships, successful careers, comfortable incomes, driven mindsets. But it DOES require a little work, and today I am going to tell you how to make the most of your marriage as a strong, independent, MARRIED woman!

Apr 23, 2018

Giddy up, Goal Diggers, because today we are digging into Writing a Book 101 with the incredible author and girl boss, Rachel Hollis! Rachel is the host of Dais podcast, and she was such a joy to interview. This rockstart woman is a best-selling author, tv personality, public speaker, CEO, and mother of four. As if that wasn’t enough, Rachel was named by Inc. Magazine as one of the "Top 30 Entrepreneurs under 30” and she is deeply passionate about women in business.

In addition to an online reach in the millions, Rachel has written several books from cookbooks and fiction series all the way to her most recent “Girl, Wash Your Face”. and has one of the most impressive book launch processes I’ve ever seen, and today she is peeling back the curtain and letting us see how the magic happens! If you have ever asked "how to write a book, "how to self publish a book" or "how to get a book published" Rachel walks through each option with tangible advice. From creativity to finances, we are talking about it ALL! If writing has always been on your bucket list, but you don't even know where to start, you are in the right place!

Apr 18, 2018

Have you wondered "Should I join a mastermind?" "Should I lead a mastermind", or the most common, "What is a mastermind?!"

...You're in the right place.

This year started with a bang as I hosted my first retreat with the Jenna Kutcher Mastermind group. 25 incredible women from all over the country (and Canada) gathered together in Waco, Texas where we spent 3 days diving into their lives, digging into their businesses, and helping them establish the dreams and set the goals they will achieve over the next year.

Throughout the year we will meet up in person 3 times at different locations where we will come together, troubleshoot things in our businesses, learn new techniques and strategies, and commune as a whole. Hosting a mastermind is probably the BEST thing I’ve ever done as an entrepreneur and I am so thankful that I get to lead these women through their best year yet. I’ve talked about why I don’t offer one-on-one coaching in an episode on the show and so today I want to break down the 5 big lessons I learned from leading a mastermind and share a little about our experience.

If you want to gain knowledge in fostering community, building your business, creating meaningful connections, and taking your business to the next level, you're in the right place!

Apr 16, 2018

I was introduced to the amazing Lindsey in my Photo Lab course, and have watched Lindsey's photography business FLOURISH in the past few years.

She gives us her top tips for relocating as a small business owner, targeting your dream client, how to get paid for your passion, starting a small business, marketing yourself in a way that gets your hired, and why investing in education is a must-do.

Today she is going to tell us how she developed her niche of photographing adventurous couples in Hawaii, why she decided to invest in her future, and what she has learned being the girl boss behind an ever-growing photography business!


If you and your small business could be relocating soon, you NEED to listen to Lindsey's tactics at ensuring you don't just survive, but THRIVE.

You are taking any work that comes your way and not targeting your dream clients. Tune in to hear how Lindsey created sustainable work from a niche-specific business.

If you want to ensure your dream client sees you, hears you, (and hires you!)

If you are debating if investing in education is worth it....

Like I mentioned above, The Photo Lab is what originally introduced Lindsey and me. That's right-- she went from a follower, to a student, to my personal photographer all the way to a podcast guest! In the episode, I tell you about my first thoughts on Lindsey, and how I just knew she would run with the course. I loved chatting with Lindsey about the course in such a genuine, authentic way.

Lindsey bought it right when she was going full-time, and invested in herself fully. She had a vision for where she wanted to go, but didn't know how to get there, and decided to "bet on herself" by signing up for a course. I loved how Lindsey said a course is a "fast track ticket" because it gives you all the information up front that would've taken years to learn.

She couldn't have said it better, "When you spend the money on education and yourself-- you will get that money back. Without a doubt, if you put the work in, you will get your investment back-- and then some."

Lindsey is SUCH a bright light- as a photographer, business owner, student, and just as a WOMAN. I can't wait for you to meet this ray of sunshine, Goal Diggers!

Apr 11, 2018

Ahhhh, sweet, sweet photography. There is simply nothing better than getting behind the lens each and every day. ...

But it’s not always straight-forward. There are many tips and tricks that get engagement, turn followers into clients, and using photography to not only get likes but to drive your bottom line.

Which is why I am SO excited about today’s episode where I am digging into the real life, behind the scenes those instagram photos. This is another session of Ask Jenna Anything dedicated SOLELY to one topic: photography! Today I am answering YOUR most raw, real-life questions about photography. Ready to attract your dream clients, fill your calendar, and get your best photos yet?! Let's do it!

Tune in to hear me answer these questions below!

Christine D: Can I photographer make 6 figures by NOT selling educational classes and such?

Shannon R: How do you convince clients to hire your associate photogs instead of you?

Kari G: I would love to hear more about your Photography...what resources did you use when you were first learning, what tips or recommendations do you have for new photographers?

Elizabeth M: I would love to hear more background on the educational/courses side of your business... What was your first ever course? How did the launch go? Did you build up an audience via your photography business to launch to initially? :) Really just ANY advice about transitioning a business from client work to also offering education on your industry!

Starr M: I want to know more about coping with competition and copycatting. I live in a small town and notice that everyone in the creative industry copies. I live in a community of 1200 and find alot of copycatting going on with other photographers in the industry. If I put out a wood box for my clients, then so does everyone else. If I add an item to my pricelist, so do they. If I change all my wedding packages to 8 hours so do they. I have been just looking the other way, supporting them and being nice and focusing on the next thing for myself...should I keep doing this, or what?

Meredith G: know we talk a bunch about your business but i would love to get back to the genesis of it all, how photography makes you feel how you've changed as a photographer.

Ashley R: -Information about second photographers(how much to pay them, what to expect of them)?

Ashely R: -When should photographers raise their prices?

Brooke J: How did you book 25 weddings in one year? What does serving your bride and groom look like? I'm so interested in hearing more about your photography business growth. I'm currently at a place where I built up my photography business doing all kinds of shoots since 2014 but I have been working full time as a teacher. I'm feeling led to leave my job so I resigned and am now returning to photography full time but focusing on families and weddings. I would love to grow my clients and get my name out there for more weddings.

Shannon K: What freebies can different groups offer? By different groups I mean wedding planners, cake artists, florists, non wedding photography - just an idea or suggestion I get so hung up on what to give as a freebie.

Sandy S: How to book destination weddings/elopements

Mancy C: Do you suggest Styled shoots for photographers to build portfolios?! Any and all details on styled shoots appreciated!

Kari G: I would love to hear more about your Photography...what resources did you use when you were first learning, what tips or recommendations do you have for new photographers? THANK YOU for being you and sharing so much with us!!! You inspire me to keep pushing forward every day!!

Cassie Pannier I'm a wedding calligrapher/stationer, second shooter in training, and starting a wedding creative VA business... I just love the wedding industry in general, I guess. My question is geared more towards the VA side of things, but have you ever "cold-emailed" dream clients in hopes that they would book you? And as I'm sure you receive cold emails all the time... What are some examples of what has worked for you as the recipient of these emails?

goodvibesricci Will you ever have a course on how to be an amazing photographer like you! Like for beginners, your tips on how to be a productive photographer following the bride and groom around without getting in the way but also being there enough to get those intimate shots.. I know you have a course with brit + co, which I am buying Asap but something like photography on location 101 from your prospective would be amazing.

anjie_roseI would love to know what camera you started taking pictures with at first and what lens? Also how did you learn about different lenses and how to take good pictures? Cause girl yo pictures are good!

jneb225How’d you get your first paying photography gig

britneycampbell.bizI'd love some photo tips for a camera shy person. Like how you use the props, what else could work?

And, as always, if you have questions for me, I am CONSTANTLY checking our Goal Digger Podcast Insiders FB group and Goal Digger Instagram account to make sure I am answering YOUR questions. You guys are the fire behind this podcast, and I want to hear from y-o-u!

Apr 9, 2018

Actress, singer, songwriter and entrepreneur Caitlin Crosby knows a thing or two about inspiring others. Growing up in Hollywood and in a family that lived and breathed the entertainment industry, Caitlin has been immered in “success” since early on in her life.

But she felt called to more-- helping others embrace their so-called imperfections, changing our perspective to see flaws as beautiful. Caitlin started giving and selling keys with inspiring messages like FEARLESS, BELIEVE or INSPIRE as jewelry. Her company, The Giving Keys have been sold at Nordstrom, Ron Robinson, Starbucks and over 1,400 other retail stores around the world. ...

But what happens when you “make it”? What is the hidden side of success that creates vulnerability?

Have you ever gotten everything you’ve ever wanted… and still felt a little stuck? I am so thankful for the openness of this incredible woman, and I can’t wait for you to hear her *real*, raw story.

Apr 4, 2018

All my photography Goal Diggers always ask me “how did you book 25 weddings your first year and match your salary so you could make the leap?” I get asked about this SO much and it’s a part of my story that I sometimes breeze over because I’m often on a webinar or speaking at an event and don’t have the time to really dive into it. So today, I thought I’d spill the beans once and for all!

So here are some of the strategies I used to book clients while having no experience and the secret to how the heck you find people who will pay you to do what you love and help you get the courage and the ability to make the giant leap into full-time entrepreneurship.

In this episode you'll hear:

How I set myself up for success with my side hustle

The importance of branding and social media marketing

The strategy behind booking clients

Marketing yourself in an authetnic, unforgettable way

Pricing for profit

I think sometimes people are looking for a magic quick fix easy answer for how to turn your side hustle into a full-time gig. But the truth is - you have to hustle. No idea was too small, every effort was worth pursuing and you have to work hard. That said, along with the hard work there are some fool-proof strategies that I shared in this episode to ensure you are seen, heard, and HIRED.

Apr 2, 2018

I know, I know-- you've heard it before, but Goal Diggers, meditation could be the secret to unlocking your potential. No matter where you are on your meditation journey-- whether you consider it "woo woo" or are already incorporating it, this session with Leah Weiss, PhD. is for you. Leah is an expert on meditation and mindfulness and today she is sharing all the meditation tips with you.

On this podcast episode I start the conversation about why meditation and mindfulness are essential for living your best life.

By the end of the episode you’ll know:

What mindfulness truly is

Where and how to incorporate meditation into your routine (for just 1 minute a day!)

How mindfulness impacts your career path, employees, and work ethic

Why mindfulness is crucial for success

Plus, I’m lifting the curtain to show you my personal journey with meditation, mindfulness, and yoga. This is where Leah will teach you how to slow down, be present, and life your best life.



Leah Weiss, PhD. is a Stanford Business School professor, corporate consultant (LinkedIn, Google, The Omidyar Group), author (HarperCollins), and public speaker (TEDx, Intuit, Google, LinkedIn, Kaiser Permanente, YPO). Leah is an expert in corporate mindfulness, compassion, and purpose.

Leah also writes (as a columnist) for Psychology Today, the Huffington Post, and the Harvard Business Review. She is regularly called upon to voice her opinion on the topic of mindfulness in the workplace by journalists from a variety of business publications.

Her upcoming book, How We Work: Live Your Purpose, Reclaim Your Sanity, and Embrace the Daily Grind (March 2018) focuses on how anyone can find purpose in any line of work.

Mar 28, 2018

Well, Goal Diggers, let’s just say it wasn’t exactly on our vision board, but God had a plan, and everything has fallen into place so perfectly. The big life change is…. we’re moving to Minnesota! Duluth, Minnesota to be exact. That’s right, Drew and I will be moving 6 hours away from our current home and community, and we couldn’t be more excited. But many people are asking:

Why are we moving away from Fort Atkinson?

What prompted the big move?

What does our new house look like?

When are we moving?

What does this mean for business?

And ultimately, why we decided to move away from friends, our gym, our home?

The truth is, there is a lot of behind the scenes of our lives that you don’t always see in social media, and today I am walking you through a more personal story of why we are moving across states somewhat abruptly… I wanted to share a little bit about how this big move transpired and how God’s hand was in every little piece of it and also what our plan is going to be moving forward! This is a HUGE life change for us, Goal Diggers, and I am so excited to let you in on the secrets behind it!

Any advice on moving far distances?! Our last move was only 10 miles, and now this one is across states! If you have any tips, head over to @goaldiggerpodcast on instagram and give me your best moving hacks! Because WE NEED THEM.

Mar 26, 2018

Jessica Honegger is an award-winning social entrepreneur with a passion for catalyzing others to step outside their comfort zones and live a life of purpose.

Jessica is the founder and co-CEO of Noonday Collection, a fast-growing company dedicated to designing and selling an inspired collection of jewelry and accessories made by Aartisans across the globe. Noonday Collection partners with Artisan Businesses in 11 countries and holds a passion for building a flourishing world that helps to develop them through fair trade. Noonday Collection was featured in Inc. magazine’s 2015 list of the 5,000 fastest growing companies in America at number 45. Inc. also listed Noonday Collection as the third-fastest-growing American business owned by a woman.

But Jessica's path wasn't always clear... there was never an MBA or capital investment. Instead, there was a real estate stint, a master's degree in education, travels, and mostly, a lot of dreams and grit. This path wasn't straight forward, but it was full of passion, strategy, and a beautiful social entrepreneurship mission. If you're wondering about product development, importing, dignified sourcing, and distribution models, you're in the right place.

Jessica has the most incredible story filled with genuine heart, innovative thinking, brilliant strategy, that has resulted in *the* most successful sustainable fair trade jewelry business in the WORLD. And today you get to hear her story full of twists and turns! Let’s dive on in!

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